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The New Old School Podcast

Jan 13, 2017

Ever wondered what floating silently in space would be like? Scary huh? Well there is actually a way to do so and it is really beneficial actually. Its called sensory deprivation. Its done by floating in 800 lbs of salt diluted into body temp water inside a closed tank. It allows your body to heal faster and rest better, it also has many meditation type mental benefits as well. JP & Lurk were lucky enough visit local Jacksonville business H2oM Float and enjoy our first time inside a sensory deprivation/float tank/isolation tank. Kris & Jeff were both very knowledgeable on the benefits and history of floating in general. Jeff is an avid floater and actually owned his own in-house tank. If you are in the Jacksonville/North Florida area we encourage to stop by, open your mind, and jump in. Literally! Let them know TNOS sent you by!


H2OM Float:
3546 S. St. Johns Bluff Rd. Suite #105

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